How To Celebrate Easter as a Family in 2021

Tuesday, 02 February 2021 13:24

This has been the snowiest winter Haywood County has seen in several years. After experiencing the first white Christmas in a decade, the cold has never really let up. While sledding and building snowmen are fun for the kids, many parents are looking forward to the warmth of spring. The valleys will soon come to life with blooming flowers and trees, and then the mountains will become lush and green again. 

Spring brings one of the most cherished Christian celebrations. As the trees and mountains come back to life each year, we are reminded of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was dead and buried for three days before He rose to life again. By His resurrection, He conquered death for all who believe in Him. 

While families look forward to celebrating Easter together with their churches, it is likely to look a little different this year than most. Many churches have pandemic protocols in place, and large gatherings are discouraged. We want to help you make the most of the holiday while emphasizing Jesus.

Here are seven ideas for celebrating Easter with your family.

We have had a cold winter in Haywood County, NC. Waynesville has already experienced several rounds of snow and ice. Some families cannot get enough of it, while others are ready for it to be over. Regardless, it may be hard to believe, but spring break is just around the corner for students in Haywood County. Your children will be excited to get a reprieve from classroom time, but you may be scrambling to figure out how you will entertain them. Although the weather outside may still be frightful, here are five ideas for how Haywood County families can make the most of spring break.

There are a lot of factors that attract people to western North Carolina. People move to Waynesville and surrounding areas for the excellent housing market, the beautiful mountains, the wonderful people, an abundance of career options, and a variety of incredible restaurants. Additionally, western North Carolina residents enjoy some of the best weather in North Carolina. The summer offers warmer weather, but it is not nearly as hot as other parts of the state. Spring and fall bring mild, cooler temperatures that allow for a spectacular display of changing colors and pleasant weather for various outdoor activities. Temperatures through the winter are relatively comfortable compared to other high elevation cities; however, it is by far the coldest season. Millions of tourists visit the area for these very reasons. For parents of students in Haywood County, options are abundant for activities to do together as a family.

How to Celebrate Advent as a Family

Sunday, 01 November 2020 20:15

Parents, students, and teachers alike have been looking forward to the holiday season this year. For people in Haywood County, and throughout Western North Carolina, it has been a difficult and challenging year. From the sudden ending of the school year in spring to navigating remote learning to working from home and ever-changing schedules, parents are looking forward to a break and a chance to recharge. Students have had all of the typical challenges of academic education, while also navigating life during a pandemic. While our school has been blessed to be able to open for in-person learning throughout the fall semester, we still recognize that there have been additional and unexpected stress and anxiety for our students.

While this has been a dark time for many, the story of Advent demonstrates that the light is the brightest when things seem darkest. As we enter the Advent season, parents have an opportunity to remind their children and students of the story of Christ and the Gospel.

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