12 Questions to Ask A Private School

12 Questions to Ask A Private School

Thursday, 30 May 2019 19:15

Private education enrollment is increasing nationwide. Private schools are safer and often feature smaller class sizes while maintaining competitive athletic and extracurricular programs. If you are considering private education for your child, it is important to ask the right questions when you visit a campus. In this article, we are discussing twelve key questions to ask when you visit a private school.


1) What is Your Institution’s Mission?

Hearing faculty and administrators recount their institution’s mission will help you determine their philosophy of education. Haywood Christian Academy’s mission is to develop students into Christian leaders by providing an excellent educational experience on a foundation of Biblical truth. Everything we do is rooted in this mission.

2) What Education is Required of Your Faculty?

North Carolina private school teachers are not required by law to obtain the state licensure; however, most institutions require valid and appropriate levels of education. At HCA, 100% of our full-time faculty hold a bachelor’s degree and 12.5% of our faculty members hold a master’s degrees or other advanced certification.

3) Is Your Faculty Required to Submit to Background Checks?

Our teachers, administrators, and support staff are required to submit to regular background checks and extensive vetting throughout the application and interview process.

4) How Large Are Your Class Sizes?

In general, private school classrooms are smaller than public school. We average 8 to 12 students per class; our Elementary classrooms don’t exceed 12 students and our Middle and High School classes don’t exceed 16 students. Our class sizes are smaller than Haywood County public schools, allowing us to focus more attention on individual students.

5) What Curriculum Do You Use?

As a Christian private school, our philosophy of education is based on a Christ-centered worldview. Whether its history or arithmetic, our students see how God’s truth shapes every subject. HCA acknowledges and references the N.C. common core standards and McRel when creating course standards and objectives. Teachers have the flexibility to utilize Christian and secular curriculum and resources when teaching objectives. A Biblical worldview is interwoven into all academic disciplines.

6) Are Your Athletic Programs Competitive?

You may be tempted to assume that your child’s athletic experience may suffer in a small private school setting. We take athletics seriously at Haywood Christian Academy. Our athletic program instills positive, Christ-like character that is expressed openly through competition. We strive for excellence in all things, including sports. Our students are driven to win with grace and sportsmanship.

7) What Extracurricular Activities Do You Offer?

Activities in which students participate outside the classroom are important for growing character, instilling work ethic, and standing out on college applications. Many private schools like HCA offer a full complement of academic clubs, athletics, and fine arts extracurricular activities.

8) Do You Offer College Preparation?

Preparing for college can be difficult, emotional, and confusing. In addition to equipping students for college through rigorous academic preparation and building Christian character, we offer a variety of college assistance services, including:

  • FAFSA Assistance
  • "Common App": one application submitted to many colleges
  • CFNC Workshops
  • College Fairs
  • Admissions Assistance through to Acceptance
  • College Campus Visits
  • Financial Aid Counseling
  • College Entrance Exam Preparation
  • Scholarship Research
  • College Credit Transfer Assistance
  • College Application Week for NC participant: HCA participates in this program which allows students to apply for college with all application fees waived. *This special week is open to homeschool families in the area.

9) Do Your Students Engage in Community Outreach?

Community engagement is vital to your child’s education. Each year, HCA students participate in community outreach projects to share the love of Christ with Waynesville and Haywood County. Many of our recent projects are listed on our website.

10) Do You Offer Any Programs to Help Students with Language-Based Learning Challenges?

If your child needs support for a learning challenge like dyslexia, The Bridge Learning Center, a program of Haywood Christian Academy is perfect for you. The Bridge provides support by customizing multi-sensory instruction for students with language-based learning differences.

11) Do Your Students Appreciate Their Experience at Your Institution?

Alumni support and involvement is often an indication of the effectiveness of an institution. Haywood Christian Academy students often speak highly of their time at our private school. In a recent article, we collected some of their testimonies.

12) Does Your Private School Offer Tuition Assistance?

If private Christian education is right for your child, there may indeed be scholarship and tuition assistance available through the institution or other community resources. At Haywood Christian Academy, we encourage parents to visit the ASK section on our website and mention tuition assistance.

If you would like to ask these or other questions of Haywood Christian Academy, schedule a tour or contact us for more information.