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Thursday, 28 February 2019 19:55

Five Misconceptions About Christian Education

There are several benefits to Christian education for your children. At an institution like Haywood Christian Academy, your child's education is rooted in a biblical worldview, in a nurturing environment, where students develop into Christian leaders. Private Christian schools feature smaller class sizes, are statistically safer, and provide Christ-centered discipleship. Choosing the method of education for your children is difficult.

Despite the many advantages of choosing a private, Christ-centered school for your children, there are several misconceptions about Christian education. In this article, we will discuss and debunk five common misconceptions about private Christian education:


1) Christian Education Isolates Students

“Aren’t you just putting your kids in a Christian bubble?”

Christian schools are often accused of being a “bubble” of Christian subculture, separating students from the realities of a fallen world. A Christian education would thus threaten to leave children ill-prepared for the challenges of college and the workplace. If you isolate children from the world while they are young, they are more likely to fall when they are older.

Christian students are not educated in a bubble isolated from the world. Christian education prepares students to respond to their world and their culture with the Gospel. At Haywood Christian Academy, we provide an environment in which students can learn about their world and how to respond as Christ would, - with grace, love, compassion, and justice. We equip students to walk into their first freshman college class, into their workplace, or wherever they go prepared for what they can expect and knowing how they will respond.

2) Christian Education is All About the Bible

“Are our kids just studying the Bible all day?”

God’s Word is vital to Christian education. The Bible informs the way we teach students, but it is not the only text. At Haywood Christian, our goal is to instill students with a biblical worldview, so that they filter literature, science, history, math, and the arts through the lens of Scripture. All education espouses a worldview, according to long-time educator Dr. Glen Schultz.

“The reality is that all education has, as one of its main goals, the shaping of a person’s worldview. There is no such thing as a neutral education. Secular education is based on a man-centered worldview where God is either ignored or blatantly denied. Man is the ultimate authority and every individual determines what he/she should become.”

God is at the center of a biblical worldview. When students see the world through the lens of Scripture, they will have a better grasp of how the world operates, and how to respond to each situation with the character of Christ. Furthermore, with the Bible as their foundation, they will be prepared for people to act badly (Romans 1) and help patiently point people to the Gospel.

3) Christian Education Just Takes All the Christians Away from Public School

“If my kid goes to private school, how will he or she have the opportunity to evangelize?”

If your child attends Haywood Christian Academy, he or she will be equipped to share the gospel and answer their friends’ questions about God, the Bible, faith, and culture. Means by which your children can participate in evangelism in Haywood County include:

4) Christian Education is Unnecessary for Churched Youth

“If my kids are in church, why do they need Christian education?”

Your children may spend three hours per week in church, but they are in school at least six hours a day, plus extracurricular activities. In an article for the Christian Post, Shiena Bernardino writes:

“Others believe that growing up in a Christian home will be enough to hone their children's faith, but parents have to remember that kids spend more time at school, which means that more hours will be allocated to learn secular things. That is why it is important to sharpen their Christian beliefs as much as possible.”


Corporate worship and Christian community make your local church a vital component of your child’s discipleship. Christian education can only supplement and strengthen their faith; whereas, secular education will, at times, intentionally undermine it.

5) Christian Education is for Rich Parents

“Even if I wanted to, how could I afford to send my kids to a private school?”

Haywood Christian Academy is committed to providing quality at an affordable rate. Nevertheless, for parents who are concerned about the cost, we do offer opportunities for financial assistance. If you are considering a Christian education for your children, contact us. We are happy to schedule a tour with you and tell you more about the benefits of Christ-centered education.

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