How Families Celebrate Advent Together

How Families Celebrate Advent Together

Friday, 08 October 2021 13:25

As the weather turns colder and stores begin lining their windows with all sorts of holiday decorations, it is quite easy to get caught up in the pomp and circumstance surrounding the holiday season. However, we as Christians must remember the true meaning of the Advent season and what it means for us as individual believers, as well as for us as families. 

Below, we’ve compiled a few creative ways for families to celebrate Advent together.


5 Ways Families Can Celebrate Advent Together

1. Countdown Till Christmas

One of the most popular Advent traditions is for churches to light a candle every Sunday leading up until Christmas. However, this activity does not need to be exclusive to churches! 

Leading up to Christmas, we as families can commemorate the arrival of Jesus’s birth by carrying on a similar tradition at home! This may also look like lighting candles or it may be something completely different. 

What about doing a different community project each week? What about marking off days on a family calendar? You could also give your child a small gift each week that would help them understand the Christmas story, such as candy canes one week to symbolize the staffs that shepherds carried who heard the angelic announcement of Jesus’s birth!

2. Together Discuss the Significance of Advent

Advent is a time for joyful expectation. As we await the day where we celebrate Jesus’s birth, we should be reminding our children why Jesus’s birth was so important. 

God Himself, Creator of the universe, Lord of all creation, was willing to humble Himself and come to Earth as a baby. The One who sits on the right hand of the heavenly throne (Hebrews 12:2) allowed Himself to be born in a barn and placed in a feeding trough (Luke 2:7), all in order that He might live a perfect life and then one day be sacrificed in order to redeem all of creation. 

He was the greatest gift to ever be given. Talk about the importance of Jesus’ Advent with your family!

3. Pray Together for the Lord’s Return

Another reason why Jesus’ birth was so amazing is that it was the fulfillment of a promise made by God to His people about seven hundred years prior (Isaiah 9:6; 11:12)! As Christians, we are also awaiting a promise made by God many years ago - the promise that one day Jesus would return for us (John 14:1-3) and would judge all of creation (2 Timothy 4:1). 

Just as God answered the prayers of Israel by sending Jesus then, He will soon answer our prayers by sending Jesus again. As a family, one of the greatest reminders of this promise is praying for that return to come soon. 

Thus, as Advent is a time of expectation, it is a great idea to spend some this season praying for the return of Christ. Spend time gathering together and awaiting in exuberant expectation for Christ Jesus’ inevitable reappearance!

4. Help Your Church Prepare

Every year, churches across the country spend countless hours decorating, cleaning, and preparing, all in expectation of Advent and the celebration of Christ’s birth. One of the ways we can spend time celebrating Advent while also displaying the same type of servant attitude as Christ Jesus is to serve; just as He came to serve us (Matthew 20:28). 

One such way is to help our churches with their preparation: whether it be by sweeping, putting up wreaths, hanging ornaments, or helping to prepare food. Whatever the task, what better way to celebrate Advent as a family than by serving together?

5. Have a Birthday Party for Jesus

Although it may be silly to some, having a “birthday party for Jesus” is a great way to remind our little ones of the true meaning of Christmas and the holiday season. Not only does it remind them that He’s the One who should be celebrated, but it also makes them aware of how He is alive and present today! 

After all, as Jesus is with us “to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20, ESV), we should talk about Him and with Him as a family. For some, this might mean celebrating with Him rather than just celebrating Him. 

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Remember: Whatever you choose to do to celebrate this Advent season, always make sure Jesus Christ is at the center of it!