What It Means to be a Christian Private School

What It Means to be a Christian Private School

Monday, 05 December 2022 15:00

Western North Carolina residents are fortunate to benefit from some of the best of the best. We have some of the best hiking trails in the South. Our mountain biking trail systems like Fire Mountain, Tsali, Pisgah, and Berm Park are second-to-none. We have great food, culture, art, and vibrant communities that love to spend time together. 

Some of the absolute best educators and schools are located here as well. Even though we have amazing teachers in every public school, many parents want something more for the education of their children. One alternative that many choose is a Christian private school. In this article, we’re discussing what Christian private education means to the team at Haywood Christian Academy. 


Defining Private Christian Education

According to Learn.org, “Private, or independent, schools are privately owned and funded without the assistance of local, state or federal governments.”

Private schools are able to have much more control over their curricula, teaching methods, religious focus, etc. Since they are privately funded, they are typically funded by some combination of private donations and tuition. 

There are several misconceptions about private schools. We would like to clear up two of them here:

  1. Private schools are only for rich kids: Private school is for everyone. Many private schools have options for financial assistance for students and families. 
  2. Private schools have no standards or regulations: Private schools do have to adhere to state, municipal, and accreditation standards. While private school teachers in North Carolina are not required to be licensed, many individual institutions do require licensure or at least sufficient proof of expertise in their respective subjects. 

Private schools may specialize in a subject or range of subjects. Private Christian schools place a special emphasis on Christianity, Biblical doctrine, and Jesus. 

What Is a Private Christian School?

To us, the answer to the question is found in our mission, “The mission of Haywood Christian Academy is to develop students into Christian leaders by providing an excellent educational experience on a foundation of Biblical truth.”

It is not the case that the Bible and the gospel will take the place of other academic topics when your child joins a private Christian school. It implies that the Bible and biblical teaching will be covered as part of their academic studies. Private Christian school parents may be confident that their children will get a Christ-centered education from teachers and administration.

Private Christian Education Emphasizes Biblical Worldview

The Bible is essential for Christian education. Although it is not the sole text for every subject, the Bible influences how we instruct students because it is the foundation for all truth. 

At HCA, our goal is to instill a biblical worldview in each student. We want them to be able to approach each subject, literature, science, history, math, and the arts, through the lens of Scripture. All education espouses a worldview, according to long-time educator Dr. Glen Schultz:

“The reality is that all education has, as one of its main goals, the shaping of a person’s worldview. There is no such thing as a neutral education. Secular education is based on a man-centered worldview where God is either ignored or blatantly denied. Man is the ultimate authority, and every individual determines what he/she should become.”

The core of a biblical worldview is God Himself. Students will have a greater understanding of how the world works and how to respond to each circumstance with the character of Christ as they view the world through the lens of Scripture. 

Students will better understand God's world when they get to know Him.  Additionally, with the Bible as their guide, they will be ready for inappropriate behavior from others (Romans 1) and be able to calmly introduce others to the Gospel.

Other Benefits of a Private Christian Education

There are numerous benefits of Christian private education for your child:

  • Disciple Making: The disciplining of students is a priority for educators and administrators at a Christian school like Haywood Christian Academy. Our strong commitment to fulfilling the commission of Jesus before his ascension is vital to everything we do at HCA.
  • Service Opportunities: We ensure that our students have chances to give back to the community in Jesus' name. Students are able to sign up for local and global service and mission opportunities to help demonstrate and talk about Christ’s love for the world. 
  • Chapel: Through chapel sessions, HCA students hear the gospel and biblical teachings from local pastors, youth pastors, and Christian authorities. Chapel is not meant to take the place of participation in the local church, but it does help prepare students for corporate worship and active listening during sermons. 
  • Athletics: Our students have access to excellent athletic programs that place an emphasis on character and Christlike sportsmanship. We want each student-athlete to demonstrate Christlikeness in their actions on and off the field. This is not, however, to the exclusion of practicing their craft and strong competition. 
  • Smaller Class Sizes: HCA has smaller class sizes than public schools in the area. Teachers are able to focus on individual students with smaller class sizes. 
  • School Safety: Private schools experience violence about half as much as public schools. 
  • Education: Our teachers are committed to the highest quality of education to the glory of God. 

Find Out More About Haywood Christian Academy

Haywood Christian Academy was founded on principles of excellence, with a primary focus on teaching Christian worldview to its students. If you want to know more about HCA, we would love to answer your questions. Contact Haywood Christian Academy today!