Haywood County’s parents are often searching for alternatives to public education. Our area is blessed to have excellent teachers in every institution; however, there is a multitude of reasons to consider non-traditional alternatives. Charters schools provide that alternative for many students in North Carolina. Since charter school legislation passed in 1996, 184 institutions have opened in our state, with that number growing every year. Since they have a measure of control over curriculum and class size, without charging tuition, the charter school movement is intriguing for parents. 

Are charter schools the best alternative to traditional public education? In this article, we are helping parents answer that question. 

With a new year underway, parents have participated in and often endured goal-setting meetings at work and within civic organizations. Many have set goals related, personal fitness and health-related, budget and finances, church and spiritual, as well as reading and continuing education. Setting goals for personal development can pay dividends for your growth through the year. The same can be true for your child's education.

Whether you are reading this at the beginning of a new year or in the middle of summer, this article will help you set effective goals for your child's education this year and beyond.

Parents are often as excited as their children, waiting and watching by the window to see the first flakes of winter fall. When we were young, we watched the school closings scroll across the bottom of the screen on WLOS. Now, we obsessively refresh our browsers or social media applications waiting to see the announcement, "School Closed Today."

Thanksgiving and Christmas are wonderful holidays, providing opportunities for families to reconnect after a busy Fall full of school, sports, and other extracurricular activities. However, with lengthy breaks from the rigorous academic lectures and homework, it can be difficult for students to get back in the swing of school after New Years.

As we approach the end of the semester and Christmas break, we want to provide parents with resources for helping children maintain effective study habits during the holiday season.