HCA is proud to announce our
Kingdom Partner Scholarship Opportunity (KPSO)


What is KPSO?

The KPSO is a scholarship fund that is provided by individuals or organizations from our community who partner with Haywood Christian Academy to provide a Christ-centered education for children who need financial tuition assistance.

Who receives these schoalrships?

Any family seeking financial assistance is welcome to apply. Strong consideration is given to larger families and those with needs for financial assistance. 100% of all funds from this program go straight to families who desire to pursue their education at Haywood Christian Academy for grades K through 12th. 

How do families apply?

Families can apply by CLICKING HERE. This link goes to our FACTS tuition scholarship portal, please indicate on additional notes of your application that you are applying for the Kingdom Partner Scholarship. You will be notified within 30 days of your awards if you qualify (please understand during busy enrollment seasons this time may vary). 

Who is allowed to give and how much is suggested?

KPSO is open to any individual or organization who would like to become a partner. Currently we received funds churches, business owners, and individuals. We have suggested incremental gift donations in the amounts of $3750 (partial scholarship) and $7500 (full scholarship), although we will accept a gift of any amount at any given time. Whether it is $50 or $5000, we are grateful for each sacrificial gift that changes the course of a child's life.

How do I give?

If you would like to donate to KPSO, you can do so by CLICKING HERE. Choose the Kingdom Partners Scholarship Opportunity Fund, and you can give a one-time gift or sign up for a regualr monthly gift amount of your choice. You can give at any time, and your donation will be disbursed throughout the school year for the child in need.

Am I allowed to direct my donation toward a specific student or family?

By law, HCA is not allowed to designate donated funds to specific individuals. All applications are submitted through FACTS Tuition Management and are then evaluated by the HCA Board of Directors and Administration. Generous donors have the option of receiving a report on how their sacrificial gift has affected a student through updates from the faculty and administration.

I would like to speak with someone about this scholarship opportunity.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have that would help you in making a decision about providing schoalrships to families in need. Please send us your question here or call our school office at 828.627.0229.