Kelli Herbert

Mrs. Kelli Herbert
Head of School

Mary Bane

Mrs. Mary Bane
Director of Instruction, Middle School Director and Educator

Karen Erickson

Mrs. Karen Erickson
Fine Arts Director, High School Director and Educator

Cindy Sharpe

Mrs. Cindy Sharpe
Elementary Director and Educator

Lisa McClure

Mrs. Lisa McClure
Business Administrator

Brooke Rochester

Mrs. Brooke Rochester
Office Administrator and Director of Admissions

Melanie DeLalio

Mrs. Melanie DeLalio
Early Learning Center Director and Educator

Joe Smith

Mr. Joe Smith
Athletic Director

Beth Blazer

Mrs. Beth Blazer

Tabitha Black

Mrs. Tabitha Black
Elementary Educator

Sally Bright

Mrs. Sally Bright
Elementary Music

Clydette Burke

Mrs. Clydette Burke
Early Learning Center Educator

Holly Cable

Mrs. Holly Cable
Director and Academic Coach, The Bridge Learning Center

Suzanne Chandler

Mrs. Suzanne Chandler
K-12 P.E. Coach

Kaylan Evans

Mrs. Kaylan Evans
Elementary Educator

Shanna Hall

Mrs. Shanna Hall
Academic Coach, The Bridge Learning Center

Melissa James

Mrs. Melissa James
Elementary Assistant and Elementary Chapel Coordinator

Jeff Mills

Mr. Jeff Mills
Middle/High School Educator and Assistant Athletic Director

Teresa Mills

Mrs. Teresa Mills
Guidance Counselor

Samantha Nelson 2

Mrs. Samantha Nelson
Pack Time Coordinator

Dawn Patterson

Mrs. Dawn Patterson
Elementary Educator

Laura Presnell

Mrs. Laura Presnell
Middle School Educator

Faith Woods

Mrs. Faith Woods
High School Educator