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should I send my kids to private schoolThere are many advantages to living in western North Carolina. Waynesville is surrounded by some of the tallest mountains east of the Mississippi River. That means there are hundreds of thousands of acres of beautiful forests, creeks, waterfalls, vistas, and valleys to explore. 

There are thousands of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails to enjoy as well. Throughout Haywood County, there are dozens of excellent restaurants, retail shops, and niche small businesses. 

We are just a short drive away from some of the premier tourist attractions in southwestern North Carolina such as the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad and Great Smoky Mountain National Park. 

We have great public schools as well, but for parents seeking alternatives to traditional public education, there are many advantages for students who attend a Christian middle school

Haywood Christian Academy provides students in the Waynesville area with a high-quality private Christian middle school. Here are a few of the advantages of attending a Christian middle school. 

The Advantages of Attending a Christian Middle School

Middle school is one of the most challenging and rewarding times in a child’s life. The same is true for parents as you begin to see the lessons you taught your kid when they were young come to fruition. 

This is the season of life for many Christian students where their faith becomes their own and they begin understanding doctrine and theology. A Christian middle school can help facilitate further spiritual growth for your child. Advantages to attending a Christian middle school include:

  • Children will hear the gospel on a regular basis in a school where the mission is Christ-centered.
  • All academic subjects will be taught from the perspective of a Christian worldview.
  • Administrators, instructors, and support personnel are all dedicated to providing the best possible education for the glory of God.
  • Small class sizes ensure that your child receives the individualized attention they require, especially in more difficult areas.
  • Teachers in Christian schools serve as mentors and disciple-makers.
  • Our extracurricular activities, athletics, and fine arts programs at Haywood Christian Academy are all run with quality in mind, with Christian character and a biblical worldview taking precedence.

At HCA, our mission is to develop students into Christian leaders by providing an excellent educational experience on a foundation of Biblical truth. Students in middle school can engage in blended learning by using technology to research, compile, and exchange material in core classrooms. 

Multisensory exercises, interactive journaling, and problem-solving are all used in math instruction to help students develop their comprehension. Enrichment workshops in creative arts, technology, and study skills are available to students. Our middle school conference offers a variety of competitive sports as well. 

If you would like more information about how your middle schooler can thrive at Haywood Christian Academy, we are here to answer your questions. 

Contact the staff at HCA to schedule a tour and begin the process of giving your child an excellent Christ-centered education. We would be happy to show you our facilities and introduce you to the team that will help them grow into the Christian adults you want them to become.