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Student Services

The high school program is designed to help students develop mature skills of reasoning, expression, research and problem solving that will prepare them well to succeed in collegiate environments. A partnership with HCC enables students to dual enroll during their junior and senior years to simultaneously earn high school and college credits. Students are encouraged to serve their local communities through various outreaches throughout the school year.

To graduate from Haywood Christian Academy, a student must earn the required number of credits and fulfill 40 hours of community/cultural service - 8 hours of community service and 2 hours of cultural service per high school year. English includes 1 public speaking course. Biblical studies include History of Christianity and Systematic Theology. A minimum of 26 credits is required for the advanced studies diploma.

The mission of Haywood Christian Academy is to develop students into Christian leaders by providing an excellent educational experience on a foundation of Biblical truth. As an essential part of developing students for their future, HCA guides students through self-evaluation and skills testing, beginning in the 8th grade, that help identify their passions and natural giftedness. 

It is unfortunate when a student spends 2 to 4 years at a college or university, only to discover that the specific training and education received is not within that individual's natural skill set or area of passion. The courses crafted by HCA's Student Services Director, Teresa Mills, address this very issue. Through the faithfulness of God's Word, teen living courses, and well-known self inventory exams, we assist students in discovering who they are in Christ and celebrate the unqiue differences in our students. Here are a few examples:

  • Resume writing, building, and preparation
  • Skills assessments
  • Self inventory evaluations
  • 4 year plan 
  • Career readiness and portfolio building
  • Family mentoring

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College Exploration Assistance

Navigating the waters of college exploration can be a daunting task. We provide assistance for all students and families at HCA who desire to pursue a college education or specialized training post-graduation. From scholarship research to the admissions processes, HCA students receive individual coaching at every step. Here are a few of the services available to our high school students:

  • FAFSA assistance
  • "Common App": one application, submitted to many colleges
  • CFNC workshops
  • College fairs
  • Admissions assistance through to acceptance
  • College campus visits
  • Financial Aid Counseling 
  • College entrance exam preparation
  • Scholarship research
  • College credit transfer assistance
  • College Application Week for NC participant: HCA participates in this program which allows students to apply for college with all application fees waived. *NOTE: This special week is also open to homeschool families.