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christmas adventWhat do your children think of when they hear the word Christmas? Do they think about the much-anticipated time off from school? Do they picture family gatherings around a tree and a crackling fire? Are they busy writing a list of things for which they will ask from you and a man in a red suit? Are they hoping for a pile of snow and a chance to go sledding? 

Whatever it is that makes your children look forward to Christmas, as parents, you know you want their focus to be on Christ. He is, after all, the real reason for the season. For students, the Advent season represents an opportunity to get some rest from all their schoolwork and academic stress. It is a chance to recharge and refocus. However, it is also a time to worship Jesus as a family. 

We want to help parents lead their children to emphasize Jesus during the Advent season. Here are a few tips for focusing on Christ at Christmas.

How to Celebrate Advent as a Family

1) Sing and Discuss Christmas Hymns

The Advent songs are rich with theological truth and they are recognized by all. You can sing and study the meaning of songs to help orient your family’s focus on the meaning of Christmas.

2) Study an Advent Devotional with Your Family

The Christmas season is the perfect time to establish a family worship time by studying the riveting birth narratives. Then you can begin to study the Gospel accounts of Christ’s birth, or you can utilize an Advent family devotional like these.

3) Make an Advent Wreath Together

An Advent wreath is helpful for getting your family to see the meaning of Christmas. Here is a free devotional guide to making your own Advent wreath.

4) Attend Christmas Eve Service Together

Whether you attend online or in-person, Christmas Eve services are a great way to remember Christ’s Advent.

5) You Can De-Emphasize Gifts

Rather than spending countless hours trying to find what your children want for Christmas while perusing sales and shopping for deals, spend more time talking with them about the gift that is Jesus.

Advent is a season for celebrating the most anticipated event in human history. Every Christmas is a chance to remember how vital it was for Jesus to come and save us. While we make sure students are studying God’s Word every school day at Haywood Christmas Academy, Advent is a time of special emphasis on the Gospel for students and families. If you would like to know more about how your students can be educated in an environment where they study Jesus, in addition to rigorous academics and quality extra-curricular activities, contact HCA today