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Educational Activities During the Holidays in Haywood CountyHaywood County is a magical place during the Holidays. As the final leaves fall from the trees approaching Thanksgiving, towns like Waynesville and Lake Junaluska begin to bring out their Christmas decorations, creating postcard-worthy views of their downtowns and iconic green spaces. Situated in higher elevations than Asheville and points east, it is all the more likely to see flakes of snow flying amidst the decorations.

For residents and visitors of Haywood County, there is a desire to take advantage of activities during the holiday season, especially those that foster continuing education during those long breaks from school. Here are some educational activities in and around Haywood County for kids of various ages to enjoy during the holiday season.

Educational Activities During the Holidays in Haywood County

The Great Smokey Mountain Railroad: The Great Smokey Mountain Railroad is one of the main attractions to Haywood County during the year, but for Christmas, it transforms into the famed Polar Express.

Maggie Valley Puzzle Rooms: An escape room located in neighboring Maggie Valley, these puzzles are recommended for children and adults ages 7 to 85.

Cataloochee Valley: From elk and deer to black bears, there is always wildlife to pair with a great view in the Cataloochee Valley area.

Take a Hike: There are several excellent hikes to enjoy where hikers can benefit from fewer leaves on trees to block the incredible views:

  • Max Patch
  • Pink Beds Trail Loop
  • Purchase Knob Hiking Trail
  • Graveyard Fields Trails and Waterfalls
  • Clingman’s Dome

There is a lot to do during the holidays to keep your children in a learning and studying mindset. For more tips to help your kids continue studying throughout the Christmas season, contact Haywood Christian School in Waynesville, NC.