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Helping High School Students Continue Reading Throughout the SummerIt has been a challenging time for parents and students throughout Haywood County. As schools went from operating at full capacity to practicing maximum social distancing, parents found themselves learning new technologies to ensure their children could continue learning. All the while, many were navigating their own remote-working equipment, without the help of childcare.

As the weather warmed, it was easier to send younger children outside to play, but for teenagers and high school students, once the schoolwork finished, fighting boredom is more difficult. As state and national parks begin to slowly reopen, hopefully your high school students will be able to beat the blues of boredom.

One of the most important tools to defeat boredom throughout the summer is reading. That may seem counterintuitive, especially to high schoolers; however, a good book can capture their attention and help them redeem the time. We want to help you develop a summer reading list for your teenagers that will grab their attention. It will include both fiction and non-fiction works that will be encouraging for their faith and imagination.

Helping High School Students Continue Reading Throughout the Summer

Here are four excellent books to keep your high schooler engaged in reading:

To Kill a Mockingbird | Harper Lee: Following the trial of an African American man in Alabama during the Great Depression era, this classic has long been a must-read for high schoolers. Though it is set nearly a century ago and was written many decades prior today, the story remains incredibly relevant.

Crazy Love | Francis Chan: Written by one of the most important Christian leaders of our time, Crazy Love has the potential to have a significant impact on your teenager. Francis Chan will guide you as you explore the Crazy Love Jesus commanded those who wanted to get a taste of the Kingdom of God. You can find many videos and message to help your high schooler continue to engage with this book’s content.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (and beyond) | C.S. Lewis: Though stepping into an amazing world of talking animals, creative magic, and great battles may seem like more of a children’s tale, this classic and its sequels can yet capture the imagination of teenagers. In fact, your high schooler may be surprised by the deep things they did not notice when they were younger.

Mere Christianity | C.S. Lewis: Sticking with Lewis, this book is on the opposite side of the intellectual spectrum for your high schooler. While your teen may find the language and concepts challenging to understand, they will benefit greatly from plunging into the depths of this work over summer. This is the perfect book to read along with your high school student.

If you would like to know more about what books we assign to high schoolers, contact Haywood Christian Academy. We are a private Christian school in Waynesville, severing students and parents with Christ-centered education in Haywood County.