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high school studentsMiddle school is one of the most challenging times in a student’s life. Your middle schooler is in a season of transition. In a few short years, they will go from being a loveable young child to a teenager. These changes are challenging for parents, as well. You may feel like this is a season of survival. You just want to push through and make sure they  get to high school. However, middle school is an opportunity to help develop character and establish patterns and habits that will help your child become a great high school student and beyond. If you have a rising sixth through eighth-grader, you can see these years of change as something to celebrate. 

At Haywood Christian Academy, we are excited to help parents of middle schoolers prepare their children for high school. Here are some critical tips for making sure your sixth, seventh, or eighth-grader is ready for high school.

How to Make Sure Your Middle School Student is Ready for High School

Make sure they know how to study:

Effective study habits are vital.

  • Develop a quiet place that is just for your student
  • Make sure they have all the necessary tools for studying
  • Work with your child to develop a plan for completing work in advance
  • Help them establish the routine of reviewing homework before the due date
  • Make sure you are available for assistance 
  • Help them develop a morning or evening quiet time with the Lord

Make Sure They are Eating Well and Exercising

Diet and exercise are vital for your middle schooler. As a parent, you can limit television and video game time and encourage outdoor play. Take family hikes, and bike rides on the weekends and days off of school. 

Consider Extracurricular Activities 

Middle school is a great time to consider your child’s future extracurricular activities. At HCA, middle schoolers can begin fine arts and athletics during these years. 

Be Patient with Their Changing Personalities 

Your middle schooler will transform from a young child to a teenager during this time. It is important to remember that they need your patience and support. 

Help them Consider the Future

Middle school is not necessarily the season to develop a plan for life. However, it is a time for talking about what the future might hold and how important it will be to make sure they maintain excellence in their academics, no matter whatthey may want to do beyond high school.

If your middle schooler would benefit from private Christian education, contact Haywood Christian Academy. We can help your student transition to high school with excellence and Christian character.