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tips getting students ready new yearThis summer break has been a significant improvement over last year for families in western North Carolina. A return to normal meant many have been able to send kids to camps and go on vacations. 

We have been able to enjoy our beautiful mountains and travel to other parts of the state and beyond. It probably feels like the summer has just begun, but now your kids are returning to school. 

The start of the new school year can feel chaotic, so it is important to help your kids prepare. Here are a few tips for getting off on the right foot this school year in Waynesville. 

How to Start the New School Year Well

1) Have a Conversation: Now is the time to start preparing for the new school year. Have conversations about goals and expectations for the new school year. Make sure they are ready to take on new challenges with courage.

2) Pray Together as a Family: Your children benefit from praying together. They need to see you trusting God to supply your faith as the school year approaches. This will help them remember to turn over to the Lord the things they cannot control. 

3) Go on One More Family Hike: While you are certainly not required to stop spending time outdoors as a family just because school is in session, you know how difficult and chaotic things can feel after summer. Take a day or half-day to explore the beauty around Waynesville one more time.

4) Plan for Good Nutrition and Sleep: Good nutrition and sleep well make a significant positive impact on a child’s school year. Start implementing bedtimes and wake-up times before the first day of class.

5) Develop a Calendar: One of the most important steps you can take to ensure your students will have a great school year is establishing a calendar for homework, projects, tests, and other important dates. You might consider setting up a digital, cloud-based calendar on a platform like iCal or Google, but it also makes sense to have a visible hard copy located somewhere you and your kids will see it frequently. 

6) Consider a Christian School: Your child will benefit from an academic experience in a Christ-centered environment. Haywood Christian Academy’s faculty and staff are committed to helping students become disciples of Jesus while excelling in academics. 

Haywood Christian Academy Waynesville, NC

Students and parents at Haywood Christian Academy know that the school calendar includes making time to grow spiritually. We have seen this have a positive impact on every aspect of each student's academic experience. 

While we emphasize the importance of every subject and have incredibly well-studied faculty members, our commitment is to help students become the well-rounded Christ-centered adults God created them to be. 

If you would like to know more about how your child can be part of our school, we are here to answer your questions. 

Contact Haywood Christian Academy for more information about our school and how your student can thrive during the next school year and beyond.