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private christian high school waynesvilleJust 25 miles from Asheville is the charming small town of Waynesville in Haywood County. It has a lively downtown with numerous fine galleries, eateries, and specialty shops. Not only is there plenty of outdoor adventures, but it's a great place to raise a family, with a close-knit community and excellent schools. 

If you are a parent and want your child to have a private education, Haywood Christian Academy in Waynesville is an excellent choice.

Discover Haywood Christian Academy and Who We Are

Haywood Christian Academy is a Christ-centered college preparatory school that prepares students to effectively integrate Biblical truth and learning into their daily lives and to impact the culture for Christ. 

Our high school program is designed to help students build their relationship with Christ while developing self-expression, research, and problem-solving skills that will prepare them for success in a collegiate environment and the workforce. 

Due to the partnership with Haywood Community College, students can dual enroll in high school and college during their junior and senior years. Internship opportunities are also made available to participating seniors through partnerships with local businesses. 

Students can participate in competitive sports and Fine Arts productions as part of their HCA experience and will serve their local communities through various outreaches throughout the school year.

What Makes Us Different from Traditional Public Schools?

At a public school, you can never be sure whether your child is being exposed to the appropriate values. When you choose HCA over a traditional public school, you can be confident that the staff and students share similar core values. Students will be able to form genuine friendships and relationships based on Christ and are exposed to Christian values at school. 

Haywood Christian Academy follows a curriculum that is based on the Bible in all subjects. In the classroom, students form lifelong bonds with their peers and find mentors in their teachers. We are a family-like community that provides emotional and spiritual support. 

We help students discover who they are in Christ and celebrate their unique differences through our high school program with HCA. We help students discover who they are in Christ and celebrate their unique differences through our high school program with HCA.

Private Christian High School in Waynesville, NC

If you're considering enrolling your child in Haywood Christian Academy, we welcome elementary, middle, and high school students from a variety of backgrounds who are eager to continue their Christian journey. 

We have a multitude of programs, opportunities, and academics where your child can pursue specific interests while also learning fundamentals like math, English, and science. Want to learn more about our Waynesville, NC campus? To learn more, please contact us today.