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student parent eduHaywood County is a special place in the heart of western North Carolina. Some of the tallest mountains in the state are right here in our area, so we often benefit from cooler temperatures than Asheville during the spring and summer, a longer leaf changing season in the fall, and slightly more frequent snowfall in the winter. That means families get to spend a lot of time outdoors seeing new sights and experiencing something different every time they visit their favorite outdoor spots.

Parents and students benefit from excellent education choices throughout Haywood County. 

Tips for Reducing Stress for Students During the Holidays

Here are some key tips for making the holidays a time of rest and rejuvenation:

  • Take steps to reduce your stress, so that you do not pass extra anxiety on to your children. 
  • Build in plenty of time for traveling. Do not wait till the last minute to load the car with bags and kids. This will help parents and students be less stressed and more in tune to the moments they have together. 
  • Make sure students get plenty of rest, eat well (but not too much), and take time to relax during breaks. 
  • Continue to monitor and limit screen time. Staying up late watching television, looking at phone screens, and playing video games may seem relaxing in the moment, but it will only be that much more difficult to return to school. 
  • Help them keep up with schoolwork. If there are assignments to accomplish during breaks, make sure they do not wait till the last minute. 
  • Make sure the focus of the holidays is not on gifts and shopping. Instead, help your kids remember that Thanksgiving is a time set aside for praising God for His gifts. Likewise, Christmas is not about what is under the tree. It is about Jesus who came to live, die, and rise from the grave to conquer death so that we may have life through Him.  

One of the factors that will help reduce stress for students during the holidays is finding an education solution that works for your family. Many Haywood County parents and students find that the perks of private Christian education such as smaller class sizes, daily discipleship, and curriculum centered on a Christian worldview help reduce stress all year.

At Haywood Christian Academy, we are able to remind students about the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. We can take time to talk about the importance of giving thanks and the miracle of Jesus' birth. We help remind elementary through high school students that Jesus came to bring good news of salvation in him. If we can help your students know and understand what really matters during this time of year, please contact us