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Small Class Sizes Waynesville NCThere is no better place in North Carolina to raise a family than Waynesville, NC. Waynesville is a small town with a laid-back feel, but close enough to cities like Asheville, Charlotte, and Greenville for your big city needs. We have mountain views and cool summers due to our high elevation, and yet we are far enough south to enjoy relatively mild winters. There is plenty to do outside, from hiking to whitewater rafting, and the weather rarely stops families from enjoying the great outdoors.

If you are a parent in Waynesville, you are likely considering whether private or public education is best for your children. If smaller class sizes are a factor for you, Haywood Christian Academy places a strong emphasis on ensuring that class sizes are 30-50% smaller than our local public institutions.

Small Class Sizes in Waynesville, NC

There is no doubt that students who are fortunate enough to experience smaller classes have a better academic experience. At Haywood Christian Academy, small class sizes are an important part of our mission to train Christian leaders. Our class sizes help us:

  • Better disciple students to be like Christ
  • Engage with students more effectively on an academic level
  • Provide individual attention and teach to students’ different learning styles
  • Identify flawed study habits and work with students and parents to improve these habits
  • Instill Christian character
  • Develop lifelong bonds

If you are searching for a school with smaller class sizes, look no further than Haywood Christian Academy. HCA students have benefited from small class sizes and individual attention since 2007. With over a decade of training Christian leaders, Haywood Christian Academy may be the perfect fit for your children. Contact us today to schedule a tour!