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Student Admissions at HCAThere is no better place to live in North Carolina than Haywood County. There might not be a better place in the world. We can prove it: 

  • Haywood County has some of the highest elevation towns in North Carolina. 
  • Haywood County is surrounded by incredible mountain views. 
  • Haywood County has hundreds of miles of hiking trails that take you to stunning vistas, beautiful valleys, wildflowers, and waterfalls. 
  • Haywood County has one of the only skiing and snowboarding areas in western North Carolina. 
  • Haywood County is one of the only places on the east coast where you can see wild elk. 
  • Haywood County has excellent restaurants and shopping centers, small businesses, and recreation. 
  • Haywood County has brilliant education institutions. 

Even though we have great public schools in Waynesville and Haywood County, many parents are searching for alternatives to public education. For some, increasing regulations and the frustrations of teachers only further the desire to find something different for their children. Haywood Christian School is the only Christian K-12 school in Haywood County. If you would like to know more about why you should choose HCA and how to enroll your student, we can help.

Your Child Can Be a Student at a Christian Institution – Haywood Christian Academy

The mission of Haywood Christian Academy is to develop students into Christian leaders by providing an excellent educational experience on a foundation of Biblical truth. Our students graduate and become the Christian leaders of the future, leading the mountains and beyond to hear the gospel and know Christ. There are many benefits to Christian private education. A few of those benefits include:

  • Freedom: We have the freedom to choose what curriculum and teaching methods we feel like will benefit our students and honor God. We also have freedom in the way we are able to schedule the school calendar and structure the school day.
  • Worldview: A worldview is the lens through which students see history and the world around them. We help students see the world the way God and the Scriptures portray it. 
  • Discipleship: This is such an important time in your child’s life, and you want to surround them with people who will help them develop into mature, Christ-centered adults. At HCA, your children are not just taught academically but discipled to know Jesus by their educators. 
  • Community: Haywood Christian Academy is a Christian community. From teachers to coaches, to support staff, your child will be surrounded by people who know and love Jesus. 
  • Academics: Haywood Christian Academy was founded on the principle of excellence. 

If you want your child to experience the incredible benefits of private education in Haywood County, it is time to reach out to the admissions staff at HCA. We can help you schedule a tour of our campus, meet teachers and support staff, and learn more about how your child will grow at HCA.