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Haywood Christian School: Teachers as MentorsBreaking away from the big city lifestyle can be difficult for some, but many people are now seeing the benefits of living in small towns. There are many reasons for people to choose to live in small towns, whether it’s avoiding the fast and reckless drives to work in the busy mornings, not knowing anyone when they go to their favorite coffee shop, or simply just being too loud. There are plenty of peaceful quiet towns that have everything for these people to be content like quiet nights, seeing everyone they know at their favorite restaurant, and a lot less fifteen-minute standstills waiting for roads to clear from construction or a recent accident.

With this in mind, Haywood County and specifically Waynesville, NC has a lot to offer to these people that are debating on getting out of the city to somewhere more family-friendly and neighborly. From the beautiful valleys to the mountain ranges to even the downtown community, which is filled with historical buildings, artifacts, and antiques.

Haywood Christian School: Teachers as Mentors

The only negative of living in smaller towns is the perception that rural schools have lower test scores. But that is far from the truth because Haywood County specifically Waynesville is home to one of the brightest and capable schools, where teachers not only do an outstanding job of preparing and developing a curriculum but also act as mentors to the students. 

Haywood Christian Academy is a Christ-centered school focused on building young men and women, who are well educated and developed in academics, athletics, and their identity in Christ by doing this equipping them with the tools they need to have to be great leaders. HCA is focused on developing great leaders not only by great teachers, but also by showing that to lead well you have to walk it out through hard work, diligence, and discipline. HCA is proud of our successful athletics department and the students who wear the Red and White. 

If you are looking for a school for your kids that treats them the way they deserve, a school that gives them a good shot at developing their character and self-respect every day they walk the halls, and a school that will equip them with a strong biblical foundation for them to be the leaders that push for what is right. Give Haywood Christian Academy a call today to schedule a tour at (828) 627-0229.