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Accomplished Artist & Business Owner: Mariah Harris, Class of '14

Monday, 03 April 2017 23:17

2014 HCA Valedictorian, Mariah then attended Pensacola Christian College and studied studio art and theatre. In 2015 she came back home to Haywood County and received training in Ceramics and Professional Clay. Mariah has now been featured in many craft shows including the Southern Highlands Craft Guild and the American Crafts Council in Atlanta (see article here).


We are very proud of our accomplished alumni, Miss Mariah Harris!  Read below a special note from her:

"My ultimate goal is to practice professional crafts in a personal studio and guide others as a fine arts instructor. The goal of this career is to assist others in developing their expressional skills and implement an emphasis on our creative nature which provides everyone with a voice through varying apertures. Continuing my professional training and education at both WCU and Penland School of Crafts will be the driving force behind gaining a job and ensuring success in the field. This summer I plan to take classes at Penland school of craft that reflect my ceramic interests and that will deepen my understanding of clay while introducing me to new techniques.   I then plan to attend WCU this fall and complete my undergraduate studies of four years with a major in studio art with a concentration in ceramics and a minor in theatre. Following this degree, continuing my education in pursuit of a master’s degree in studio art will equip me with the skills I need to fulfill my desire to show others the richness and freedom art brings to our lives. With this, I hope someday to oversee a visual arts program or work for an organization that specializes in art instruction. I hope to spend much of my time in college preparing for a career where creative expression is foundational and at the heart of the program. In this way; my talents may be honed and practiced in a way that is enjoyable corresponding to my individual interests as well as prepare me to make an impact once I have attained the degree.  Our natural desire and need to be creative is immeasurable and priceless, I hope to someday inspire others with a desire to be creative and artistic." -Mariah