How Private School Benefits High Schoolers

How Private School Benefits High Schoolers

Monday, 05 September 2022 15:53

High school is one of the most exciting and challenging times in a young person’s life. It is the season when many students will begin to make their faith their own and begin to understand better how God is working in their lives. At the same time, they will be developing lifelong friendships, finding and benefiting from mentorship and thinking more about their futures. 

Being the parent of a high schooler is beautiful and nerve-wracking. On the one hand, you get to see many of the lessons you’ve instilled in your children finally bear fruit. On the other hand, it can be scary to feel like you’re taking your hands off the wheel and letting them do the steering (literally and figuratively). 

Attending a private high school can help ensure your teenagers get the most support possible as they approach the last few years before adulthood.

In this article, we’re discussing some of the benefits of Christian education, specifically for high school students. 

Benefits of Christian Private School for High School Students 

1) Christ and the Gospel are Central to Private Christian Education

The ability to integrate spiritual development into the learning process is the main benefit of Christian private education. The mission of Haywood Christian Academy is to develop students into Christian leaders by providing an excellent educational experience on a foundation of Biblical truth. That means Christ and the gospel, the good news of salvation, is central to the experience at HCA. 

High school is a time when students decide for themselves what they believe. At a school like HCA, they benefit from:

  • Hearing the gospel story every day
  • Learning Christian doctrine and theology
  • Witnessing leaders and mentors live out their faith as adults
  • Being often reminded of the importance of church and community

2) Christian Education Emphasizes the Importance of Christian Worldview

During the teenage years, students ask hard questions about God, history, faith, science, etc. They interact with a wide range of thoughts, opinions, and philosophies, searching for what makes the most sense of the world in which they live. 

Private Christian education helps students find those answers within the framework of a Christian worldview. Your worldview is the lens through which you see and process the world around you. Schools like HCA help students see the world through the lens of Scripture and the gospel. 

While it is good to reinforce this at home and within your church community, there is no replacement for an academic experience centered on God, the gospel, and the Bible. 

3) Private Christian Education Emphasizes Quality Academics

Administrators and teachers at Christian schools understand how important it is to give students the best possible academic experience. Academics won't suffer just because spiritual matters and Christ-centeredness are prioritized. In reality, it indicates that other entities are held to a considerably lower standard than our teachers and administrators. God is the one to whom we must answer.

Parents can rely on our staff giving their children a good academic experience in addition to fostering their spiritual growth since we are dedicated to exalting God above all else.

4) Christian School Students Benefit from Smaller Class Sizes

Each classroom in private schools generally has 40–50% fewer students. Schools like ours benefit from and have possibilities because of smaller class sizes. 

Opportunities for teenagers to make strong, enduring friendships, Individual attention for students whether they do well or struggle with a specific topic, and fewer instances of bullying are all benefits of smaller class sizes.

5) HIgh Schoolers Gain Access to Disciple-Making Mentors

The mission Jesus has given to all Christians is to make disciples; thus, our faculty and administration are not only here to teach history, English, science, and arithmetic. Your student will develop spiritually and be encouraged to consider their faith more carefully by having teachers who direct them to Jesus and are dedicated to helping them better follow Him.

While any high school will have caring adults and mentors, knowing that faculty, coaches, and administrators are believers is of great advantage to students in a Christian school. As they offer guidance and instruction, you and your students can be confident that they realize just how important it is to glorify God with our decisions both today and in the future. 

Do You Want Your Teenager to Experience a Christian High School?

The high school program is designed to help students develop mature skills of reasoning, expression, research, and problem-solving that will leave them well prepared to succeed in collegiate environments.

Through a collaboration with Haywood Community College, students can enroll in both high school and college courses throughout their junior and senior years. Seniors who participate are given internship opportunities through partnerships with neighborhood companies. 

As part of the HCA experience, students can take part in athletic competitions and artistic performances. During the academic year, students have community service opportunities through numerous outreach programs serving their local communities.

For more information about how your teenager can benefit from Christian education at Haywood Christian Academy, contact us today!