How To Celebrate Advent as a Family

How To Celebrate Advent as a Family

Sunday, 01 November 2020 20:15

Parents, students, and teachers alike have been looking forward to the holiday season this year. For people in Haywood County, and throughout Western North Carolina, it has been a difficult and challenging year. From the sudden ending of the school year in spring to navigating remote learning to working from home and ever-changing schedules, parents are looking forward to a break and a chance to recharge. Students have had all of the typical challenges of academic education, while also navigating life during a pandemic. While our school has been blessed to be able to open for in-person learning throughout the fall semester, we still recognize that there have been additional and unexpected stress and anxiety for our students.

While this has been a dark time for many, the story of Advent demonstrates that the light is the brightest when things seem darkest. As we enter the Advent season, parents have an opportunity to remind their children and students of the story of Christ and the Gospel.

In this article, we want to take time to help parents find ways to spend time in worship and the study of scripture during the Advent season.

How to Help Students Celebrate Advent This Christmas Season

1) Sing and Discuss Christmas Hymns

Everyone knows Christmas music. The question of the season is, "how soon is too soon to begin listening to Christmas music"? Christmas classics are some of the most popular and ubiquitous songs in our culture and many clearly communicate the Gospel. One of the ways you can emphasize worship and devotion this Advent season is by singing and studying the Christmas songs with your family. 

  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing: The last verse discusses the purpose of Christ’s Advent. He came to live sinlessly and die in our place so He could make those who have faith be born again, not of flesh, but of the Spirit. 
  • Joy To The World: This Isaac Watts hymn is one of the most ubiquitous songs of the season. It tells the story of Christ’s Advent as well as the future He came to establish – one in which all the nations can know God. 
  • Silent Night: This beautiful, serene hymn sings not just about Jesus as a baby, but about the glory of God revealed in Him.

Every Christmas hymn has a powerful story that further emphasizes the importance of Jesus’ Advent. They remind us of a time where all people waited with anticipation for the salvation of all who believe.

2) Study an Advent Devotional With Your Family

In addition to singing songs together, there are several Advent devotionals designed to be studied as a family. The Christmas season is the perfect time to establish a family worship time by studying the riveting birth narratives. Parents can gather the kids by the fire and open by singing Christmas songs and carols that everyone knows. Then you can begin to study the gospel accounts of Christ’s birth, or you can utilize an Advent family devotional like these.

3) Make an Advent Wreath Together

Advent wreaths are one of the most powerful and beautiful ways in which you can study the Christmas story together with your family. Here is a free devotional guide to making your Advent wreath:

“Traditionally, each week focuses on one of the different gifts that Jesus’ arrival brought us: the gifts of hope, peace, joy, and love. This guide is meant to be a simple tool to help focus your heart and mind’s attention on the things that matter most this season. As your family gathers around the Advent wreath, use the cards to lead you through a simple devotion.”

4) Attend a Christmas Eve Service Together

Attending a Christmas Eve service together as a family is a great way to remind your family of the true meaning of the night before Christ appeared. On that night, after a couple thousand years, the Savior for a fallen, sin-sick world came in the form of a Child who would grow up to live a perfect life and die in our place. Christmas Eve services remind us that we celebrate because we were rescued by the long-awaited Messiah. Even if you cannot attend in-person this year, many churches are hosting Christmas Eve services online. Take the time to join one of these online services with your family if you are unable to attend an in-person service.

5) You Can De-Emphasize Gifts

Rather than spending countless hours trying to find what your children want for Christmas while perusing sales and shopping for deals, spend more time talking with them about the gift that is Jesus.

When parents and students can study and celebrate Advent together, they will find their holiday season more restful and rejuvenating. If you would like more information about how to ensure your students are regularly worshiping Christ, even during the school day, contact Haywood Christian Academy today