Seven Reasons for Private Education

Seven Reasons for Private Education

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 20:32

Your child's education is among the most important considerations you will have as a parent. There are many factors to consider when choosing what method of education will be best for your child. In Haywood County, we are blessed with many opportunities to ensure our children learn well and become the responsible adults we all desire them to be. Haywood Christian Academy is committed to the highest standards of academics for our teachers and students; however, as a private Christian school, we have the freedom to make disciples as well.

Our mission is to develop students into Christian leaders by providing an excellent educational experience on a foundation of Biblical truth. We believe private education provides parents with an excellent opportunity to know their children are receiving a quality academic experience in a Christ-centered, nurturing environment. In this article, we will discuss seven reasons for private education:


1) Discipleship

Discipleship is an integral part of the spiritual life of every Christian. From age five or six to age eighteen, children will spend almost a third of each weekday at school.  Private Christian education affords parents the peace-of-mind of knowing the discipleship process they have begun at home continues through their child’s school day.

2) Smaller Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes are beneficial for learning and afford teachers the opportunity to devote individual attention to students. On average, private school classes are 40% smaller than public institutions. Haywood Christian Academy is proud to boast in our efforts to maintain small and manageable class sizes to help our excellent teachers do what they do best.

3) Christian Education

Private Christian education at HCA helps establish a Christian worldview for your child. Students may not study the Bible itself in every class; nevertheless, all truth is God’s truth and each subject reinforces the Bible as the lens through which students see the world. A biblical worldview is founded on these core ideas:

  • There is one God
  • God is Triune – One God manifested in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit
  • God created the universe and the earth for his glory
  • God made humans in his image
  • God is just
  • All people have sinned and are subject to His justice
  • God promised to and did indeed send Jesus, God the Son, to become human, live without sin, and die as a substitute for man’s sin
  • Jesus was buried but raised on the third day
  • Everyone who believes in Jesus' substitutionary death and triumphant resurrection has eternal life with God
  • Jesus will return to make all things new

These Biblical principles inform every subject, steering students to see the world around them through the lens of Scripture, the gospel, and a Christ-centered worldview.

4) Parental Involvement

No one has more influence on a child’s life than his or her parents. Parental involvement is a key part of our process at HCA. With smaller class sizes, our teachers get to know parents and are able to facilitate learning at home. Our parents also are a strong network of volunteers that help ensure the success of athletics, events, and community outreach.

5) Church and Community

Our faculty, staff, teachers, and parents are a close community with the common unifying goal of glorifying God together. Many of us are involved in churches together throughout Haywood County, and we are all committed to spreading the gospel throughout western North Carolina and the world. Our students see that and are eager to get involved.

6) Community Outreach

Private education provides a setting in which students can participate in community outreach projects that make a difference in the lives of western North Carolinians. At HCA, every student will be involved in Christ-centered outreach projects in Haywood County and beyond.

7) Teachers and Coaches

When teachers and coaches are committed to Jesus first, their families, their churches, and excellence in the classroom, students and parents benefit. You can read testimonies from our own students about their time at HCA [link]. We are proud to provide Waynesville and Haywood County with the highest quality Christian education. If you would like to know more about our school or schedule a tour, contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions about why private Christian education is great for students and parents.