When and How to Plan for the Next School Year

When and How to Plan for the Next School Year

Monday, 05 June 2023 06:35

Summer break is here! You and your kids are finally able to spend some extra time with one another while teachers get the opportunity to take a much-needed break. While now is a great time to enjoy the time off, time flies over summer break, and school will be here before you know it.

Preparing for the upcoming school year can make a huge difference when done correctly. While you should be enjoying yourself over the summer, it is also the perfect time to begin setting a strong foundation for the school year ahead. 

To prepare for the upcoming semester, we have put together a quick guide on when and how to plan for the next school year! 

Getting Organized for the Next School Year

Organization is a huge skill that is needed when pursuing academic excellence. Preparing for an upcoming year should always begin with getting organized. When considering how to plan for next school year, getting organized should be on top of the list, as everything will stem from there.

First of all, we suggest getting a quality planner. One that is easy to use and fits your style and aesthetic. Finding a good planner allows you to set goals and intentions and WRITE THEM DOWN, along with plans for each day. 

Planners are a great way to hold yourself accountable for a plan, especially if you put it on paper. Planners can be highly customizable and can accommodate students who utilize different types of time intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. 

In addition to using a planner, go ahead and put down any important dates on your calendar on your phone. Add alerts so that you can stay on track with your annual plan. These reminders can include anything, but a few to keep in mind include the following:

  • Due dates for projects such as novel studies.
  • Class field trips and service projects
  • Dates for major assessments or tests

Additionally, get together any paperwork or information that is needed for the upcoming school year, and file it away in an organized folder system of your choice. This will give you the tools to complete any kind of administrative tasks that may need to be done once school starts.

1. Work On a List of Goals and Intentions

School is a lot of things, but most importantly, it is about pushing you to be the best version of yourself. A quality education can only go so far, but good character takes that education to the finish line. By setting goals and intentions for the year, you can begin thinking through what you want to get out of the upcoming year of classes.

Set realistic goals based on your challenges from last year. Did you have a hard time completing assignments on time? Then set an intention to hand projects in a day earlier than the due date. 

By coming up with goals, you can change your lifestyle to fit a growth mindset. This builds confidence and helps set up your routine to maximize your educational experience.

2. Get Your Study Space Together

If you are like most students, your physical space must be just right for your studying process to work. Putting together a comfortable space where all of your school supplies are organized and easy to access will make a huge difference. Having things you need within reach will lower stress as well.

3. Ask Classmates and Teachers What to Expect

This one is huge! Dig into your social circles, and begin asking what to expect of the upcoming school year. This is especially important as a high school student, as the very fabric of each class may be different from a similar class the year before. 

Engage with your peers to see what they think about the classes and teachers that you have. Ask them about what worked for them and what didn't. If you have access to the teacher, see if you can get a copy of the syllabus as early as possible so that you can begin populating your planner and putting together your goals for any of the benchmarks.

4. Build Accountability

Especially once you have your goals set and your planner put together, finding accountability partners that will hold you to your goals and aspirations for the school year is vital. Whether it be a close friend, a mentor, or a parent, find someone who will hold you to your word and not be afraid to do so. 

During the school year, catch up with this partner and go over how each of you is doing, making sure to discuss any issues, etc. By doing this regularly, you can build one another up and cheer each other on. 

5. When Should I Start?

Honestly, there is no better time to start than today! Getting prepared for an upcoming school year as early as possible can help reduce stress and anxiety throughout the school year. That way you can focus on your education and enjoy time with your friends. 

By getting ahead of the curve, you may not be able to prepare for everything, but you can set systems in place so that if things come up, you can be ready to solve the problem.

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