Help Your Children Finish the Semester Strong

Help Your Children Finish the Semester Strong

Wednesday, 03 November 2021 22:37

We’ve all been there. The days are growing shorter, the weather is getting colder, and the world itself begins to feel sleepier. Thus, trudging to school and being forced to think can feel like more and more of a chore to your student. 

The days seem to pass by slower and slower and your little one is getting harder and harder to wake up in the mornings. The advent season can sometimes cause this state of sluggishness as our students begin to experience the burnout common at the end of the semester.


However, all is not lost. It is indeed possible to finish the semester strong; to charge on, with endurance and valor. In today’s blog, we wanted to offer some helpful suggestions as to how we as parents can help our students to power through, and to keep pressing on in order to finish the semester strong!

How to Make Sure Students Are Finishing the Semester Strong

1. Be the Example

Even though it’s easy to get swept up in the craziness of the season and the holidays, it is so important to keep being the example of being present in the moment. You might have already moved on to Christmas, planning your budget, deciding what to make for Thanksgiving, etc., but if you mentally check out, so too will your student. 

Thus, we as parents must remember not to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:4), but instead must be the example for our students by continuing to work hard and continuing to accomplish the present goals of today. Speaking of goals...

2. Keep Setting Goals

Another way to help your student finish the semester strong is by continuing to set realistic goals and expectations for them to accomplish before the semester ends. Let your student see that you’re still invested in them and their academics and that you believe they can do more than just “coast” to the finish line. 

Keep in mind that, while many of these goals should be academic in nature (i.e., study at least 30 minutes a day for their final exams), they do not all have to be. 

For instance, one concluding semester goal may just be to perform one act of kindness every day or to continue to take time every day to spend some moments alone with Jesus. 

3. Continue the Same Habits

As it draws closer to the advent season and the holidays begin to take center stage, this does not necessitate a change in the study routines of your student. 

Even though it might be a temptation to slack off a bit as the semester draws to a close, make it clear as a parent that the study/homework/sleep schedule is just as important during this time, no matter what else is going on or what anyone else is doing. 

Our students will have all of Thanksgiving and Christmas break to goof off and hang out with friends. Right now, they need to put forth the same sort of effort and diligence in order to honor God, their teachers, their parents, and themselves. 

4. Take Breaks When Needed

Even though this might seem contradictory to the previous point, it is still important for your student to remember to practice self-care when needed in order to prevent the burnout which many students face at the end of the semester. 

This doesn’t mean completely checking out mentally, but rather taking healthy breaks and experiencing the same moments of peace that every human being requires. This might manifest in many different ways, but we always recommend your student take needed moments away from homework in order to read the Word and to congregate with fellow believers. 

If your student is not participating in a children’s ministry or a youth group, they should be! As important as school is, it’s always more important to be spiritually healthy, and it’s your duty as a Christian parent to make sure that never takes Jesus never takes a backseat in the life of your child. 

If your student is going to finish the semester strong, they’re going to need the rest that comes from God in order to do so!

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