Questions to Ask Your Teachers

Questions to Ask Your Teachers

Wednesday, 25 September 2019 10:26

Teachers are among the most influential people in your child’s life. Educators hold the keys to information your children need to thrive and flourish in the world. Parents trust teachers in shaping the way they see the world.

At Haywood Christian Academy, our mission is to develop students into Christian leaders by providing an excellent educational experience on a foundation of Biblical truth. We could not accomplish this without our team of amazing teachers. A private Christian institution, in addition to academic instruction, HCA’s faculty are entrusted with leading students to become disciples of Jesus. In this article, we want to help parents get to know and support their children’s’ teachers. Below are # questions to ask your child’s teacher.


Question 1: How Are You?

Teachers love and care for your children. Your little one holds a special place in their hearts. At the same time, your child’s educators have their own families, hopes, dreams, worries, etc. As believers, your child’s teachers are your brothers and sisters in Christ. It may mean the world to them to hear you simply ask, “How are you?”

Question 2: Why Did You Choose to Become an Educator?

Whether this is their first semester or last, your child’s teachers have a story about what led them to become a teacher. Maybe they were inspired by the educators of their youth. Maybe they what to make a difference in the world. Maybe they are continuing a family tradition. Whatever the reason or reasons, your child’s teachers will be happy to share their passion for their profession.

Question 3: What is Your Testimony?

At HCA, our faculty members have stories more precious even than those that led them to teaching. They have been born again, saved from sin by their faith in Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Some became believers in their youth, by the testimonies of their own teachers. Some heard and believed the gospel taught to them by their parents. Some became believers as adults. Regardless, they will be delighted to share their testimonies with you.

Question 4: What About Your Family?

Your child’s teachers likely know about your family. They may have taught several of your children. They learn about the sports they play, the musical instruments they are learning, their hopes and dreams, and their struggles. Just like your passion for your family, our teachers love to share about their own spouses and children.

Question 5: What is Your Church?

You may be a part of the same church as many of your child’s teachers; however, if not, they would love to share about their own churches and ministries. If a teacher is new to the area, this question might provide an opportunity for you to invite them to your church community.

Question 6: What is Your Educational Philosophy?

Your child’s teachers were chosen to be part of our faculty because they agree with our mission and are committed to excellence. If you want to get to know their passion for teaching your children, in addition to asking them about what led them to teach, ask them about what they believe about education. Not only will they be excited to share about a question they wish they were asked more often, but their answers will also help you guide your students in their studies.

Question 7: How Can I Help You?

There will be no shortage of answers to this question. Your child’s teachers need your support and assistance. There will often be opportunities for you and your church to volunteer in the classroom and institution. Additionally, their answers to this question will help you help your children study and learn better in the classroom and at home.

If you would like to know more about the excellence with which HCA’s teachers teach and lead students to become Christian leaders, contact us. Haywood Christian Academy is a private Christian institution near Waynesville, in the mountains of western North Carolina. We will be happy to schedule a tour and show you how we help children become Christian leaders and Christ-like adults.