Tutoring is Beneficial for Students at Every Level

Tutoring is Beneficial for Students at Every Level

Wednesday, 28 August 2019 14:24

As the new school year begins, it brings with it a fresh sense of optimism and possibility for many parents and students. For others, it brings nervousness and concern that at some point in the semester a child will fall behind. There are many factors that may contribute to a child's success and struggles, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep habits
  • Study methods
  • Reading and listening comprehension
  • Parent involvement
  • Church involvement
  • Busyness

Tutoring is not just for students who have seemingly fallen behind. Effective tutoring can help struggling students catch up and all students excel beyond expectations. In this article, we will discuss how tutoring may help your children reach and exceed in throughout the new school year.


The Benefits of Tutoring for Every Student

We have identified five benefits of utilizing tutoring for all students; however, this is not an exhaustive list. We anticipate parents reading this will have even more positive effects of tutoring to add to this list.

Tutors are Often Trained Educators

Whether your students attend public or private schools, the tutors to which they are connected are often trained educators, providing students with additional expert instruction in each subject. Some tutors available to your children may specialize in a subject or a topic within it. Your children cannot help but benefit from additional interaction and instruction from expert educators. 

Even with Small Class Sizes, One-on-One Education is Helpful

Though Haywood Christian Academy’s class sizes are generally 40 to 50% smaller than public schools, it is still a challenge for teachers to reach each student with their preferred learning method. Regardless of your child’s academic performance, a tutor working with them in a smaller group or one-on-one can identify the method by which they learn best and potentially help them achieve new levels of academic success.

Tutors May Identify Undiagnosed Langue Difference

Language-based learning difficulties such as dyslexia may go relatively unnoticed for children, even those who are performing adequately or excelling academically. By working one-on-one with your student, a professionally trained tutor may identify something previously unnoticed in a larger classroom setting.

Students Performing Well May Not Have Reached Their Potential

Some students seem to have a natural ability to perform and score well academically. They are praised for their test scores and good grades; however, those students may be tempted to stop pushing themselves to do better. Tutoring can help students who already excel reach new heights in their academic endeavors. If your student is doing well, a professional tutor will likely help them achieve more than they realized they could.

Tutors Can Help Develop Effective Study Skills and Habits

Many bright students and parents struggle with study habits and organizational skills, even though they generally perform well academically. A tutor can help your child manage their time, get and remain organized through the school year, and develop effective study habits. Tutoring will help your student achieve the success potentially threatened by an unorganized calendar and poor study habits like last-minute cramming.


In a private Christian school like Haywood Christian Academy, a tutor is also a disciple-making Christian who will help motivate your student to do well academically for the glory of God.

The Bridge Learning Center

Whether your child is struggling or excelling academically, the Bridge Learning Center may help, especially if he or she does have a language-based learning difference. A language-based learning difference such as dyslexia may not prevent your student from getting good grades; however, the Bridge Learning Center can help a child employ strategies and techniques that ensure they reach their full potential.

If you would like to know more about the Bridge Learning Center, contact Haywood Christian Academy. If you have more questions about our school, our teachers and tutors, or the benefits from academic instruction from the perspective of a Christian worldview, we are here to help. You can call us or schedule a tour on our website.