Summer Reading for Middle School Students

Summer Reading for Middle School Students

Wednesday, 20 May 2020 22:40

Summer is finally here. This past school year has been tough, and you are wanting to take a little break and enjoy some fun times in the sun. Some things are starting to open up to allow some activities and there is a strong encouragement to enjoy the great outdoors. While you may be hiking familiar trails or camping with the family, don’t forget to continue to learn. 


Summer Reading List for Middle Schoolers

Summer is a great time to read some good books. You don’t have the pressure of finishing assignments from teachers. This is a great opportunity to pick some of the books you have been wanting to catch up on while we have some more time on our hands. Below are 8 books that will help the middle school student as they put together their reading list for the summer. These books will help them as they sharpen their reading skills, further explore their imagination, and mature in their walk with Christ. 

  1. The Giver by Lois Lowry: Follow along with 12-year-old Jonas as he is assigned his new job in the community as the Receiver of Memory. Jonas will receive memories from an old man named The Giver. The Receiver will carry these memories as a way to keep the pain of the past from the rest of the community. How does this boy help the community for the better? 
  1. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle: Have you ever wanted to solve crimes? Sherlock Holmes and his trusted sidekick, Dr. Watson, are tasked to help solve cases in Victorian London. This book is a collection of short stories that shows how this duo uses logic and observation to dissolve many mysteries. 
  1. Harriet Tubman, Conductor on the Underground Railroad by Ann Petry: This is an interesting biography of the brave woman who helped over 300 slaves find their freedom. After escaping slavery, she developed a secret pathway to lead others to places where there were no slaves. 
  1. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott: This a wonderful book of four sisters who learn how to survive during the Civil war while their father is away. The oldest sister, Meg March is a people please, while Jo March is a passionate writer who wrestles with wanting to be seen as an equal in a male-dominated society. The shy Beth March wants the family to be together, unlike the youngest March sister, Amy who wants nothing more than to be popular. How do these 4 women deal with the duty to their family while growing individually?
  1. Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls: It’s the middle of the night, and you finally hear the sound you been waiting for, the two dogs have found a raccoon’s trail. The howling of the dogs brings the adrenalin to the surface because there is nothing better than you and your two hunting dogs doing what you love. Billy raised these two dogs from pups. Old Dan’s bravery, Little Ann’s smarts, and Billy’s dedication make the best hunting team in the town. 
  1. The Call of the Wild by Jack London: Buck, a half St. Bernard and half sheepdog, is the lead dog of the fastest sled team in Klondike. On a search for gold, the team runs out of food and leads to survival of the fittest. Away from civilization and in the wilderness allow new feelings to arise in Buck. 
  1. The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis: Screwtape the devil is trying to train his nephew demon, Wormwood, on the ways of tempting humans. Read the many letters of instruction and encouragement to sin that Screwtape gives to this novice demon. How can one man resist the attacks of temptation? 
  1. What’s So Amazing About Grace by Phillip Yancy: Grace is a word we hear a good bit in Christian life. Do you really understand what it is? Phillip Yancy takes a journalistic approach to reveal the mystery of grace. He shares stories of how people overcame differences to show the love of God. Grace helps us reveal hope and mercy in a broken world. Dive into this book to learn the life-changing power of the Grace of God.

Reading a new book is something you will never regret. This list of books is a great starting point to help you mature. The books will capture your imagination and encourage you to dive deep into yourself. For more information about middle schoolers reading, contact Haywood Christian Academy.