Why Private School Benefits High Schoolers

Why Private School Benefits High Schoolers

Wednesday, 02 February 2022 13:11

We know you take your children’s education seriously, and so do we. We understand that it can be hard when trying to make the best decision for your child. If you are contemplating switching schools, especially from public to private, we know it’s a process to consider carefully. 

We also know that one of the biggest concerns many people have when considering private school is finances. We’re here to help you understand the benefits of a private school for your high schooler, and why it’s worth every penny.


Six Reasons Why Private School Benefits High Schoolers

1) More parent involvement

What you will find at the majority of private schools is an invitation for parents to be more involved with their child’s education. There is open communication between administrators and parents, and we even have a parent portal on our website dedicated to facilitating open dialogue with families and faculty. 

2) Better student to teacher ratio

Private schools typically have fewer students per class. This, in turn, means fewer students for whom faculty members are responsible, opening them up to providing individual attention to each student. 

This means that at a private school like HCA, your child’s teachers will be able to identify whether they are struggling in a subject and need assistance, or are excelling and need to be given new challenges.

3) Personalized Education

Since we have smaller class sizes, we are able to pay extra attention to each child and their personal academic strengths and weaknesses. Not only is their education customized to their learning needs, but also according to what’s most important to all of us, our faith. 

Above all, we want to point our students to Christ and His likeness. This is not the goal of every teacher in public schools. 

Not only will your child have teachers that support you and your family’s Christian faith, but you have a whole community of administrators and other student families in agreement with you. Christ will be the center of our curriculum at Haywood Christian Academy.

4) Unique Extracurricular Opportunities

Something that you’ll find at many private schools is a larger variety of extracurriculars from which your child can choose. Athletics, fine arts, and other extracurricular activities allow your child to engage and exercise their minds and bodies during the school day.

Furthermore, these activities help your child explore interests that could benefit them in their future educational pursuits and careers. When determining whether or not to choose a private high school for your teenager, examine the extracurricular options available at their local public and private institutions.

You can find more information about our athletic programs and fine arts on our website. 

5) Strong community

Private schools like Haywood Chrisitan Academy provide strong communities for high schoolers at a crucial time in their lives:

  • Smaller class sizes invite collaboration and allow teenagers to form strong lifelong bonds. 
  • Teachers and administrators are not merely communicating their expertise but also discipling students to follow Christ. 
  • At the part of their lives when they are capable of grasping complex concepts, private Christian high schools inundate students with the gospel in an environment where they can ask questions. 
  • Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the education of their students.

6) Tuition Assistance

We do not want finances to be the thing that stops your child from getting the education you want for them. At Haywood Christian Academy, we accept children from all economic backgrounds, races, and Christian denominations. 

If finances are an issue, we would be glad to talk with you about financial aid.

Parent Testimony

Our website has parent testimonials on it of the experience they and their children have had with Haywood Christian Academy. Below is the testimony of the Rogers Family:

Haywood Christian Academy has been such a blessing to our family. After years of homeschooling, we searched and prayed on the right school for our children. HCA came into our lives at just the right time. Not only are my children excelling socially, academically, and athletically, but I have seen them each grow closer to the Lord.

I feel I can call on the teachers at any time, and I know they are there for my family. We have already seen the blessings of investing in our children's education through Haywood Christian Academy, and I am so thankful for the strong foundation they are receiving there.

Haywood Christian Academy

Haywood Christian Academy is located in Waynesville, NC. We are a K12 private Christian school where we welcome all types of denominations and economic statuses. We are here to help your child have the best education and high school experience that they could possibly have.

If you or someone you know is interested in pursuing an education at Haywood Christian Academy, feel free to visit our website. Also, feel free to reach out and talk with us personally by calling 828-627-0229.