Summer is finally here. This past school year has been tough, and you are wanting to take a little break and enjoy some fun times in the sun. Some things are starting to open up to allow some activities and there is a strong encouragement to enjoy the great outdoors. While you may be hiking familiar trails or camping with the family, don’t forget to continue to learn. 

It has certainly been an unusual school year at Haywood Christian academy and throughout the nation. Typically, at this point in the school year, students are looking forward to summer break. There is so much to do in our area, from hiking and exploring area swimming holes, to mountain biking and camping, in addition to hanging out with friends and participating in church and sports camps. As we have turned to non-traditional means of education at our school, the end of the semester is not going to bring the same amount of fanfare as usual. We do not yet know whether summer will bring the usual sense of freedom for high school students.

One thing that is always true, however, is learning never truly takes a summer break. Whether or not we can experience the outdoors as usual, we can always escape with a good book.

We extend our prayers and heartfelt sympathies to all those personally impacted by the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic. Many families throughout the nation and in our own community are navigating the challenges of working from home while facilitating education for their children. Haywood Christian Academy has suspended all in-person business until further notice. That means our students are utilizing interactive, distance learning tools to maintain continuity in their education.

Throughout the course of a typical school day, students enjoy nutritional meals that help students focus on their studies. While your children are learning from home, it is vital to their process to continue providing healthy meals and snacks. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of nutrition for your child's learning ability. These principles apply to this season of home education and later when children return to school.

Haywood County’s parents are often searching for alternatives to public education. Our area is blessed to have excellent teachers in every institution; however, there is a multitude of reasons to consider non-traditional alternatives. Charters schools provide that alternative for many students in North Carolina. Since charter school legislation passed in 1996, 184 institutions have opened in our state, with that number growing every year. Since they have a measure of control over curriculum and class size, without charging tuition, the charter school movement is intriguing for parents. 

Are charter schools the best alternative to traditional public education? In this article, we are helping parents answer that question. 

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