Testimonies from Our Students About Haywood Christian Academy

Testimonies from Our Students About Haywood Christian Academy

Monday, 29 April 2019 19:58

At Haywood Christian Academy, our mission is to train Christian leaders through a robust academic experience rooted in God’s Word. We are pleased to see our students demonstrating their faith in their communities during their time here and after graduation. One area where God’s work is evidenced in the lives of our students is in the personal testimonies of their experiences at HCA.


Haywood Christian Student Testimonies

Griffin Murdock | Sophomore

My name is Griffin Murdock and I am currently a sophomore attending Haywood Christian Academy for my third year. My Christian education has been an interesting experience for me. I have attended many schools in many different learning environments. All have their benefits, but Haywood Christian Academy is true to what I believe is the definition of a Christian education. The faculty and staff are extremely outgoing, friendly and helpful. They have granted me the opportunity to become a strong ambassador for Christ as well as a stellar education. I attend HCA not only because it is an amazing school, but because it is a safe haven for young students that are actively seeking the Lord, and a biblical education.

Nicole Borges | Senior

As my time at Haywood Christian Academy comes to a close, I still can vividly remember my very first day in HCA as a first grader walking into the New Covenant Church door with my parents. Though I did not realize it at the time, this decision that my parents made would drastically change all our lives for the better. They were a little skeptical at first, enrolling their eldest child into a brand-new school, but decided to give it a try. This decision was the best they could have every made for me. Not only did I rise academically above my peers at other schools, but I learned of the love of Jesus Christ in a whole different way. The students and teachers at Haywood Christian Academy have had such an amazing impact on my life. In the fourth grade at HCA, my teacher helped me understand the greatness of Jesus Christ and led me to become saved. She and the other teachers at HCA inspired me to want to become a teacher when I grew up, so I could do the same for other children. As I am finishing up my senior year here, I still plan on becoming an Elementary and Special Education Teacher. I honestly can say that I would not be the person that I am today without Haywood Christian Academy, and I am so thankful to have grown up in a place where I could not only be given the best education, but a place where I could learn and grow in the love of Jesus Christ.

Sophia Lee | Sophomore

Haywood Christian Academy is a Christ centered school, serving to positively impact the lives of its students and community. I have attended HCA for three years now and am proud to attest that I have teachers which focus their attention and behavior toward Christ. In particular, Mrs. Harris goes above and beyond to meet her students’ needs; she is not only attentive to our educational needs, but also spiritual and emotional as well.   This school has influenced me to seek enrollment post high school into a Christian college and pursue a career to serve others in a Christ-like manner.

I previously attended a public school in Bladen County in NC for six years; the atmosphere of public school is vastly different to Haywood Christian academy. A majority of the students at HCA have a positive attitude, striving to present themselves with high standards to their peers and community. I am thankful that my principal, Mrs. Herbert, and faculty, hold students accountable in behavior, academics, and moral standards. Specifically, I am fortunate and grateful that the faculty provide and model Christ -like behavior, with the expectation that students do as well.

Haywood Christian Academy is academically challenging, specifically, due to the high expectations that students must meet and maintain.  However, all the teachers on campus are always willing to sacrifice their time and assistance to guide students. I know the expectation of excellence will serve me in future academics. HCA does not feel like a school, but as a family. No student is left out or feels unloved due to the emotional support of HCA.

 I am proud to recognize that I will graduate with strong Christian principles and will be able to stand firm in my faith when facing opposition and challenges in the future. HCA has greatly and positively impacted my belief, faith, and perspective on God, and thereby will influence my lifelong commitment to showing others the love of Christ.

Joel Page | Sophomore

My beginnings at Haywood Christian Academy were some of my best memories, my first year in basketball. My eighth-grade year I was homeschooled and I wanted to play basketball.  My parents looked into several middle schools, but we had the same result for all, you had to be a member at the school to participate in athletics. That’s when we turned to HCA and we found that they gladly accepted me. Everyone was very nice, and I knew I was in a good place. I felt very intimate with the school that year, even though I didn’t go to the school. I had grown close to my teammates and closer to God. So, after an amazing success that year, my parents and I put some very serious thoughts into me attending the school. Eventually we decided it would be for the best.  My ninth-grade year was the beginning of my HCA academics. My mother, who graduated valedictorian, and my father, who has a doctorate, were both very impressed at the intense curriculum, which they supported greatly. Other than the academics and athletics, HCA has been very influential to me in a deep spiritual way. I have grown up in a Southern-Baptist home all of my life and when I had my first experiences at HCA, it felt like an extension of my home, not a secular trap. We always pray before class and all of the teachers explain how God is in control of all aspects of life. Haywood Christian Academy has been an important period in my life, influencing my athletics, my academics and my walk with God.

Our students are proud of their academic and spiritual experience at Haywood Christian Academy. If you would like to know more about our school, the benefits of private Christian education, or schedule a tour, contact us. We would be happy to help you consider your options and how your children can thrive at HCA.